5 Ways To Practice Conscious Consumption In Your Keto Journey

Do you practice Conscious Consumption? I am sure you wonder what that means. Well, Conscious Consumption is a collective phenomenon focused on a deeper understanding of the effect of purchasing choices on the ecosystem and on the safety and wellbeing of customers in general. 

As a keto diet adopter, you already practice consciousness and self-disciple in regards to what goes into your mouth. In the same way, to support our eco-system, you could extend this practice to your purchase decision and life choices.

Remember, every transaction you undertake is a "moral act"— a chance to “vote” with your dollar for the future you wish to see. So is any other decision you make in life, from what you want to consume, to what you want to do with your time. Now that you can work from home, why don’t you take this opportunity to practice conscious consumption.  

Here are five ways you could practice conscious consumption as you continue your keto journey.

1. Research The Items You Purchase

Our understanding of a reasonable price has automatically been distorted since factories have moved overseas. You and I can't determine properly what fair price an object made in another country should go for. Even though we love cheap items and take pride whenever we feel like we got a bargain. 

However, we don't seem to make the mental inquiry of asking if spending a few bucks for an object makes us a winner at the detriment of someone else who was paid pennies for making this product.

It takes a lot of strength to give up the bargaining mentality entirely. We automatically search for the cheapest option. But as you decide to inform yourself of conscious consumerism, you'll begin to realize how the cheapest price is rarely the fair one.  

2. Recycle Your Keto-Friendly Veggies 

Now that you have a little more time on your hands, why don’t you engage in some eco-friendly tasks like recycling your veggies. You could replant cabbage leaves, mint and basil roots, garlic cloves, and spring onion roots. All you need is a handful of soil and disposable plastics and paper bags to bring life back to your rotten veggies. 

This will save you from spending your stimulus check on items that are limited in supply. Additionally, there is something beautiful about knowing that you are eating something you planted with your own hands.

Don’t you think this is interesting? Just give it a try and thank me later.

3. Turn Your House To A Gym 

Yes! You heard me right. Your inaccessibility to the standard gym across the street due to social distancing doesn't have to hamper your activity level. There are so many creative ways in which you could have a gym experience within the confines of your own home. 

Your weight dumbbell could be replaced with water jugs, while your staircase could be used as a treadmill. Also, did you know you could make a wooden bike stand for your indoor biking by repurposing abandoned furniture? Just ask google that question and numerous tutorials would come up. Again you can thank me later!

Taking all these suggestions into account would turn your home into its own gym, and you might decide to cancel your gym membership… just kidding!

4. Craft Something New Out Of Those Wastes

Your daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm office schedule might have robbed you of the creativity inside of you. But, this lockdown is the right time to get those creative juices flowing again. Why don’t you create something new from those amazon boxes and keto-food packages you normally might have disposed of. 

I know you are thinking about what you could craft from those materials. Don’t worry, just google “How to transform unused household wastes into something useful.”

I know from there you will discover so many ideas and can now transform those disposable plastics and water bottles into some decor pieces for the house.

You could even create pots for planting your keto-friendly vegetables or make toys for your children.

5. Try Learning New Keto-Friendly Foods

Indulging in a journey to ketosis could be a challenging decision as there are restrictions on what you can eat, when you can eat it, and the quantity you can eat. This requires you to be innovative in creating something tasty and unique from the limited food ingredients available to you. 

This stay-at-home period is a perfect time for you to try new recipes and improve your kitchen skills. To ease the task for you, boneandoak.com has a prepared list of various unique recipes you can try that will encourage you to keep up with your journey into ketosis. 

You can also download our keto cookbook to use as a guide.

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