How Much Weight Can You Lose On Keto?

A person following a keto diet may have to avoid almost everything they love. You can’t eat foods that have a high amount of fats. This means you need to stop licking those cherries covered with chocolate and eating mouthful of pasta.

Many people expect overnight results of their diet to remain motivated, which is always impossible. However, the keto diet can help you shed pounds more than any traditional diet but requires you to put in some effort and shatter your own heart by giving up your love for chips, biscuits, nuggets, tender pops, candies, and other things.

You not only need to stop your hands from griping anything to eat but also have to make your lifestyle healthy and active. Meaning, it’s your time to move some muscles instead of watching Netflix all day. You can do this by engaging in some activities like exercises, taking proper sleep, keeping an eye on carbs intake, and everything which you have avoided deliberately for years.

But one thing is for sure; you will be jumping with joy after a month by watching the weight machine’s scale going down.

Factors That Help You to Reach End Point of Your Journey

The following are some factors that play an essential role in making you slim and stunning.

  • Your Carb Consumption

If you decide to lose your chubbiness by doing a keto diet, you need to track your carbs intake. It is also essential because it will help you enter the ketosis process and prevent keto-flu symptoms like headaches and brain fogs. I advise you to keep a pen and notebook with you and make sure you are writing everything essential.

If you are thinking that you only have to start your diet without doing some extra work, then my friend, you are wrong. You need to keep an eye on your whole routine from eating to your regular activities. Your hard work, combined with discipline, will make your journey successful.

Moreover, if you consume too many carbs, you will not achieve the desired result of ketosis and other benefits of the diet, including weight loss. In most cases, it is sufficient to eat 50 grams of carbs each day to boost the process of ketosis. Don’t forget to control your cravings; little mistakes like eating a chunk of chocolate will bring you back to your candies and cheese omelet routine.

  • Your Sleep Routine

You may always pay no attention to your sleep routine and often drink latte to stay awake the whole night to watch “Friends” or “Avengers.” However, it’s not a good idea if you are looking forward to becoming thin and fit.

The lack of sleep and stress can negatively impact your dream of losing weight, especially when you are following a keto diet. This means you can’t get the same body structure as your favorite celebrity that you have always desired.

Some studies show that lack of sleep can disturb your hunger hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin. It causes you to crave more for pizza and pasta, which means you feel hungrier. The hunger reducing effects of ketosis will go in vain when you start experiencing this problem.

Ensure that you take at least 7 hours of good night sleep. If you sleep well at night, you will lose weight faster, and take the first step to accomplish a fit and healthy body.

  • Your Regular Activities

You can boost your diet results by combining it with some activities instead of spending the whole day being a couch potato. Your regular dynamic regime will support diet, and you can cut down some extra pounds.

If you are planning to do exercises, then it’s an excellent decision. When you do exercises, your body uses fats as a fuel source. But do remember to adjust to the diet before joining the gym. Also, start with the moderate exercises so that your body gets used to the regime.

So, what are you waiting for? Wear headphones, increase the volume up, and start some easy exercises. You will see a considerable amount of difference in your weight after a week.

  • Stick to Your Diet

Okay, sure, it will be difficult for you to stick to your low-fat diet. You may also feel annoyed after a few days of your diet. But sustainability can give you excellent results in the end.

Keto diet needs long term sustainability, which is why people often find it difficult. Typically people find it challenging when gathering or dining out with peers and family for any special occasions or holidays. It is because you can’t devour the same delicious food with them, and you are the only one ordering soup for the night.

If you don’t stick to your keto diet, it may take you years to lose weight.

How much Weight can you Lose in a Month?

Following this diet for one month is quite impressive, which can give you satisfactory results. The professionals suggest that you lose an average of one to two pounds of weight per week if you follow the traditional way to lose weight. 

So, is the keto diet different from the traditional one?

The answer is they are like the moon and earth. In the ketosis diet, you can lose around 10 pounds in 30 days or less.

However, if you are willing to properly follow the factors mentioned above, you can lose this much weight. However, if you do not follow the rules, no one can predict how much weight you will lose in a month.

Moreover, it does not always work for everyone, and you can’t magically cut down 30 pounds. You can try to follow the keto diet, and when it works for you, enjoy a healthy and slim life.

Bottom Line

A Keto diet can help you shed pounds faster. After losing weight, you will feel proud of yourself for all the hard work. However, this should not mean switching back to your pizza, pasta, and chocolate routine.

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