Must Have Keto Items Everyone Needs

It is so nice that the weather is getting warmer, but what’s that I hear and smell around the corner? It's the sound of fireworks and the aroma of refreshing mimosas and delicious barbecue. Why, you may ask? Because the spring and summer holidays are upon us. That’s right! In just a few weeks we begin the celebration of three holidays (Memorial, Independence and Labor day).

The thing with Holidays is that people expect gifts from you and, although you have been getting your aunt Janet the same gift card to Applebees each year, you just found out that she is on a keto diet. If you are in this situation do not worry! We at Bone and Oak have come up with a list of six useful keto gifts you could get for your loved ones that can be delivered right to their door step to practice social distancing! 

Food Scale

Now, I know you must be wondering if your keto dieting aunt really needs to weigh everything she eats. Although it is not a hard yes, it definitely does help. The thing is that, in the beginning of your aunt’s keto journey, she might have gotten by with simply counting carbs and glossing over the details of her meal. However, as she progresses in her keto journey, this might not work anymore. 

Getting her a food scale would help her see optimal results, as she would be able to measure the exact amount she needs to eat. The scale is also great for measuring dense food items like nuts and cheese which may be hard to guesstimate. 

Measuring Cups/Spoons

If you cannot find a food scale, you can opt to get your aunt or any keto dieter you know some measuring cups and spoons. It is essential for a well stocked keto friendly kitchen to have these on hand. This is because certain foods are impossible to measure on a food scale (for example, liquid ingredients which are normally measured in volume and keto friendly flour). 

Also, sweeteners are a particularly important example. Despite having different weights per cup, several keto-friendly sweetener blends such as Lakanto and Swerve are engineered to "measure like sugar."

Ketone Test Strips

Do you know that the main goal of the keto dieter in your life, be it your immediate family or a friend, is to reach ketosis. The only way they would know if they have truly reached ketosis is by testing for their ketone levels using ketone strips. These strips let them know if their body has switched to fat-burning mode. You can be rest assured that the recipient of this gift would appreciate it because, testing their ketones levels let them know if they need to make adjustments to their diet, or simply verify that they are on the right path.

Cutting Board

Now, who does not love a good cutting board? Since most keto adopters depend heavily on fresh vegetables and produce to prep their meals, a good chopping board would be a welcome gift. If you can, it would be preferable to get them a wooden chopping board as they are less dull to your knives in comparison to plastic chopping boards, and can last for a longtime if managed well. 

Food Processor or Blender

Here goes another keto prep staple. From making fresh salsa, tomato sauce and keto drinks to mixing keto pancake batter, a food processor or blender would be an amazing keto gift. It could also be used to make other foods like rice or mashed cauliflower. 

Why don’t you get an all-in-one set which includes both a food processor, drink mixer and blender. This way your keto dieting friend would have all they need in one device. All they have to do is change out the blades or cups. 

Cast Iron Skillet

Now that we have got all the food measurement and prep tools  out of the way, it's time to talk about some cooking equipment. The cast iron is an essential tool as it retains heat and can accommodate all types of meat cuts. Additionally, the cast iron skillet is safe to put in the oven, can go on an oven top and is naturally nonstick. The iron skillet is an amazing multi purpose keto tool. 

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