Must-Have Items On Your Keto Grocery List

Before you read this article, I want you to go to your kitchen and open your pantry and fridge. If you are like most of us, I bet you would find groceries that you have not used in a while. I can also guess that some of those groceries are about to expire. 

One of the worst choices you could make currently, given the limited supply of groceries caused by the pandemic, is to stock up your fridge with keto ingredients that you might not end up using. Aside from wasting money, some of those ingredients might end up in the trash can. Therefore, more than ever,  a visit to the grocery store requires proper planning and thoughtful choices in selecting which food items to buy, and which to leave behind. 

As experts in the keto diet industry, we at Bone and Oak are aware of how tedious it is to shop for keto-friendly food ingredients among loads of regular food items available at grocery stores. Therefore, in this article, we have carefully selected a list of frequently used and versatile keto-friendly ingredients. These basic ingredients can be used to make multiple keto dishes. 

1. Coconut and Olive Oils

If you’re looking for a super convenient way to squeeze in healthy fats from oils, then you need high-quality oils like olive and coconut oil. You can incorporate these oils into your keto diet in various ways. This could range from cooking food in the oils to amping up food fats by drizzling some oil inside cooked meals.

Olive and coconut oils are very popular amongst dieters because they provide a healthy source of fats for fuel. When selecting your oils from the grocery stores, it is advisable to go for virgin cold-pressed oils, as they possess a natural taste and flavor. 

2. Butter

You heard me right- butter! This might comes as a surprise to you because we have been taught that butter is unhealthy and causes cardiovascular diseases. However, the shocking truth is that butter also has its benefits.

Butter is a must-have keto food ingredient you must purchase on your next visit to the grocery store. Butter is packed with adequate amounts of fat-soluble vitamins as well as conjugated linoleic acid. 

Ghee is another diary-free alternative to butter you can go for. It is clarified butter which means the milk solids have been removed, so it is suitable for you if your fancy dairy-free diets. 

3. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is another classic low-carb pantry staple you should add to your grocery list. Unlike your common wheat flour, coconut flour is gluten-free. Use it to bake a  huge array of low-carb sweets and treats and you will be hooked. This is because of the unique coconut flavor it will add to your pastries. It is made from dried coconut copra (the white meaty part inside the coconut) which makes it high in fiber content and has a low glycemic index. However, most recipes only use a small amount of coconut flour such as a few tablespoons.

4. Coconut Cream and Milk

From desserts to curries, sauces for protein meals to smoothies, butter coffee to fat bombs, the importance of coconut cream, and milk in a keto diet can not be overemphasized. Maybe that's why Dustin Hoffman once stated that “The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk.” Coconut milk has fewer carbs but, if you need to bump up your fat intake for the day, then the cream has more fat (27g per half-cup vs 20g for coconut milk). So, in cases where you need a creamier texture, you can opt for coconut cream.

5. Avocados

When you need an instant high-fat side dish that takes no time to prepare, avocados are your best bet. Although people get confused in classifying avocados as low carb foods because they contain a high amount of carbs, however, they also contain a high amount of fiber which can be subtracted when calculating net carbs. A medium avocado will only have around three grams of net carbs. Having a bunch of avocados in your fridge is very important because it will be your savior when you don’t feel like cooking a complex side dish.

For beginners in the keto journey, avocados are also a must-have food because they contain a high amount of potassium which can help in combating the keto flu symptoms usually suffered by most new keto subscribers. Additionally,  the high fiber contents can help in preventing constipation and make you feel full for a longer period.

6. Eggs

Eggs are another keto-friendly food you can stock up your fridge with. Unlike the popular saying that egg is packed with harmful cholesterols, eggs are among the best suppliers of high-quality fats and protein needed for an easy keto ride.  Not only are eggs packed with useful fats, but they are also rich in choline- a group of vitamin B complex that is deficient in most Americans.

When buying your eggs, ensure you buy eggs from pasture-raised birds as they are more organic and of high quality. To save your money, you can buy from local farmers who will sell at a lower price compared to the grocery stores.

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