What to do During the Coronavirus Quarantine if You're on a Keto Diet?

Where do I start from, is it the restriction on large gatherings, or the mandatory social distancing, or the compulsory mask we all have to wear?

Nearly every phase of our lifestyles has changed with the advent of these new set of rules imposed by the pandemic and we are now left with no other choice than to find ways of adapting to this new reality. Whether you have been following a keto diet for a while or just beginning, I know you are not left out in this struggle. 

As a concerned body and expert in keto dieting, we at Bone and Oak have prepared a list of things you could indulge in, while maintaining social distancing that will assist you in your journey into ketosis. 

1. Stock up your kitchen with versatile keto friendly food items

No doubt! The choice of what to eat is an important aspect of keto dieting as this alone will determine whether your journey into ketosis is going to be successful or just an exercise in futility. Understandably, the coronavirus outbreak has enforced restriction on movement to public places including grocery stores and this has resulted in limited supply of essential low-carb food materials needed for your keto journey. However, to ensure your survival in this trying period, it is advisable to stock up your pantry with versatile keto friendly food items such as almond or coconut flours for your donuts and other snacks, nuts, seeds, oils, dried meats as well as seasonings and spices. Also, since it is unlikely that the pandemic will soon disappear you can stock your fridge and freezer with keto-friendly and versatile vegetables such as eggplant, cauliflower, squash, cabbage as well as other food items like eggs, cheese, seafoods and butter that will be enough to get you through the voluntary self-isolation.

2. Ensure all your activities are properly planned

The boring lockdown is not an excuse for you to ditch your goal of achieving ketosis. Perhaps, now more than ever is the perfect time to focus on your health and well-being. And this can only be achieved if you organize yourself and draw out achievable plans. To make the task easy, we will advise that you set up daily achievable goals and break them down into segments so that it will be easy to stick to. You can start this by planning your daily workout routines and food pattern as well as weekly or monthly grocery lists. Having a plan and holding yourself accountable to your targeted goals will surely assist you in your journey and make the lockdown experience fun-filled.

3.Stick with your keto supplements

As an experienced keto diet advisor, we believe that by now you should know that the fastest way to achieve your keto diet goals is to take some keto supplements as these supplements will supply you with needed nutrients that might be missing in your diets.  By including them in your daily schedules and ensuring that you do not miss their usage as prescribed can make the lockdown the best time ever in your keto dieting journey. You will witness the most improvement in your journey to ketosis. Electrolytes, keto-fat bombs and protein powders are some of the stable and highly versatile supplements you could be taking to accelerate your keto diet goals.

4. Ensure you are always Hydrated

Constant dehydration is a common challenge in keto dieting. So, ensuring you are well-hydrated is very important. It is likely that  the lockdown might have changed your routine, and  certain habits might have been affected. If you typically keep water with you during the day at work, make sure to keep a water bottle with you during the day when you are working from home. If you are unsure if you are adequately hydrating your body, a good rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. To encourage yourself to drink more water, try flavoring your water with mint and raspberries, or cucumber and lemon, for an exciting boost of flavor.

5. Maintain personal hygiene

The monotonous nature of the lifestyle under lockdown should not deny your body the care it deserves. Most times you might get engrossed with the latest TV series you are watching but this should not prevent you from taking your bath, brushing your teeth, clipping those overgrown fingernails and giving yourself a special spa treatment. In short, self-care is an integral aspect of your well-being, especially when you have the whole time under lockdown. To keep with your personal hygiene we advise you to keep with your daily activities plan.

6. Ensure you exercise daily

Exercise is not only one of the crucial pillars of optimal health, but it also plays a vital role in your ketogenic way of living. It can improve cardiovascular health, help build lean body mass, strengthen your bones, and have an incredibly positive impact on your mental health. It also helps to cushion the effects of keto flu for new keto adopters. This particular activity becomes more important in this time when movement is restricted and one can decide to spend the whole day lying down on the bed watching movies or performing his or her office duties. 

Although, sticking with your daily exercise schedule while under lockdown might be cumbersome considering the fact that visiting the gym is no more possible and there is no fitness coach to motivate you. However, we will advise you to stay disciplined and improvise your gym activities with available household alternatives. For example, you can use water jugs as a substitute for dumbbells and turn your staircase to a treadmill.

7. Improve your culinary skills

Yes! This lockdown period is the perfect time for you to learn how to prepare new meals, snacks and drinks. Improving your cooking skills will make your keto diet journey a worthwhile adventure and relieve you of quarantine depression. All you need is to subscribe for our free keto cookbook and explore a whole lot of keto friendly recipes itemized in it.

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